Sunday, October 31, 2010

Countdown of the Scariest Movies Ever!

Continuing my countdown with my top two scariest movies...

#2 A Nightmare on Elm Street
This has got to be the goriest, bloodiest, most frightening movie I have ever seen!  Now how many of you want to see this after hearing me describe it?!  I cannot even tell you how much this movie freaked me out.  Some guy with a burnt face and a blue and red striped shirt (which should have been vertical because horizontal stripes are not flattering) kills kids in their dreams. Freaky! I mean what kind of a psycho kills in dreams? Freddy Kruger, that's who!  The scene where Johnny Depp's character dies is so gross I can't watch it ever again.  He gets sucked into a bed and then a geyser of blood shoots out of a bed.  It's so disturbing.  I think a girl gets sucked into the wall in another scene and there was a lot of blood in that scene too.  My sides cringe whenever I see blood or skin being ripped open.  And those fingers!  He has knives for a hand; kind of like Edward Scissorhands, which starred Johnny Depp (ironic) only Freddy uses his to kill and not for cutting hair. for my number one scariest movie ever!

Bum..Bum. Bum..Bum.  Who knew that two notes could scare the pants off of so many people.  I dislike this movie with a passion.  A freaking shark eats people! He eats people!!!  This is one of the movies that I would only watch on TV and change the channel when the shark is going to attack.  He attacks and slashes around that naked girl in the beginning, which is actually quite stupid.  I mean, who goes swimming in the ocean naked and in the middle of the night??  Not me.  I won't even go in the ocean with my clothes on in the daylight!  He bites the leg off of a guy in a canoe and the leg sinks to the bottom of the ocean. He eats a little boy playing on a balloon thing, and that part was actually sad because I'm sure that has happened before.  And finally, the the worst part of the film; the captain of the boat slides down the sinking boat into the mouth of the shark.  The shark bites down on the guy which of course burst blood out, and the guy starts throwing up blood.  It's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gross!!!  I don't do bloody movies. I just don't.

That's all!

Jennifer Nicole.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Countdown of the Scariest Movies Ever!

Continuing with my countdown...

#6 When A Stranger Calls (1979)
I think this movie is very freaky because this could actually happen.  When I was in high school, my church youth group had girl's nights.  We had a sleep over one night and for some reason we watched When A Stranger Calls, the original.  And let me tell you, it was scary!  It's about a babysitter who is stalked by some guy, that calls from within the house, and ends up killing the kids she is babysitting.  Well, we were all laying on the floor, watching the movie, and at some point there was a scene that made you jump, and the girl next to be grabbed my arm.  What is it about my arm that people grab during scary movies!? Do I want you to grab my arm? No.  I'd watch scary movies alone for that reason but I just can't.  I need someone's arm to grab if I get scared.

#5 Halloween
For some reason I did watch this movie alone, but it was on TV so I could change the channel if I knew something was about to happen.  I don't know why I do that.  My friend Sarah would just cover her ears if something was about to happen, but I wouldn't want to watch it either. I'd be covering my ears and my eyes!  Anyways, I was watching Halloween on TV because I heard it was a really great movie.  Well it wasn't.  There was killing, and blood, and stalking.  Creepy!  It's not revealed until Halloween II, but Michael Myers is Laurie Strode's brother and that is why he stalked her.  The theme song to Halloween is pretty scary too.  That's how you know when Michael is around, the music starts to play.  And why does he have to wear a mask.  We all know his name and where he used to live.  So why does he cover his face with a freaky mask? I'm just saying, it's weird.

#4 Pet Sematary
I absolutely did not like this movie!  A cemetery that brings things back to life but not in a good way....CRAZY!  It's kind of like Chucky only it's a real kid that comes back to life and kills his family.  The part where he is hiding under the bed and cuts the old man's ankles grosses me out.  Again with the ankles!!  I just can't take it anymore! 

# 3 Friday the 13th
The name says it all.  It has bad luck written all over it.  I told you that the killer wasn't Jason, right?  Yes, yes I did.  It was his mother in the first film because she wanted revenge on all counselors because her son drowned while no one was looking.  So she shows up at the camp where her son died because some counselors are trying to get it up and running again.  Well, she kills all but one girl, mainly because she didn't get naked, have sex, and she wasn't a jerk.  You're pretty much going to end up dead if you do one of those three things.  It's a given.  Or if you're Kevin Bacon.  He gets a knife of some kind shoved in him from underneath the bed.  That was gross.  But the stupidest part was when the girl was in the shower and all she does is stand there as the killer is approaching her.  Run you fool!! Why would just stand there and scream? At least try to run for your life.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Countdown of the Scariest Movies Ever!

In 2004, Bravo aired a mini series titled The 100 Scariest Movie Moments and to tell you the truth I have only seen a handful of these.  Oddly enough my top 10 is pretty close to Bravo's top ten.  Shocking.  You can find the complete list here.

Here are my top ten scariest movies ever!!

 #10 Signs
Signs was directed by the brilliant M. Night Shyamalan in 2002.  This movie still gives me the chills.  It's so suspenseful with the music and the way the aliens appear on the screen.  When they are in the basement and the arm of an alien grabs the boy; or when Graham cuts the finger off of one of them; and certainly the ending makes me jump out of my seat every time!  When the alien gets into Graham's house and Graham pulls the TV out into the living room you see the alien's reflection in the TV!! Creepy!  The funny part of the movie is when the boy and his uncle are wearing the aluminum foil hats!

#9 Texas Chainsaw Massacre
A lot of screaming.  A lot of people being chased, hit in the head, killed.  No blood ever shown on screen.  And yet this movie is considered one of the scariest movies of all time.  It may not have had the best acting, and the story of a killing family was a little unimaginative (I mean come on, it was the 70s), but this film did the trick; it scared the crap out of me!  I'm so glad I never saw this movie in theaters because I might have run right out of there.  I went to a haunted forest one time and one of the characters had a chainsaw, granted the chain was not on the machine and it just made the noise of a chainsaw, but it still creeped me out.  The scariest part of this movie is when Kirk enters the house and Leatherface hits him over the head and Kirk's body falls to the ground and starts shaking *Shivers in her skin*.  I've only seen this movie once and that is enough for me!  I don't like movies where some guy wearing the skin of another human on his face as a mask chases people with a chainsaw. No thanks. I'll pass.

#8 The Others
I can remember seeing this movie when it came out in theaters.  I went with a group of friends.  We sat near the top and I sat next to my friend Kristin.  I didn't catch on to the fact that Nicole Kidman's character and her kids were actually the ones that dead.  I'm slow like that.  But the scariest part of this movie was near the end of film.  The two children were hiding in a closet and the screen was black which meant the theater was pitch black.  You couldn't see anything.  Suddenly you hear the voice of an old woman.  Kristin nearly tore my skin off.  I mean I jumped too, don't get me wrong, it did scare the pee out of me.  But what really scared me is Kristin grabbed my arm and dug her nails into my skin.  I wasn't expecting her to freak out like that.  So not only is the theater dark and a suddenly a woman speaks out of no where, but my friend grabs my arm at the same time!!!  We had a good laugh afterward.

#7 Misery
"I'm your number one fan."  Kathy Bates has got to be the creepiest stalker of all time portrayed in this film.  I can't watch this movie without cringing or reaching for my ankles.  You all know what I am talking about.  If you haven't seen this movie, DON'T; unless you really do like misery.  Get it, cuz the movie is called Misery.  Nevermind.  Well, the scariest and most bone crunching scene in this movie is when Kathy Bates' character puts a block of wood between Paul's feet.  She then pulls out a sledge hammer and slams it into each foot breaking at the ankle.  All so he wouldn't try to escape her craziness.  Even talking about it makes my ankles hurt.  And not only is the thought of it gross, but they actually showed his ankles dangle over the side of the wood!! I'm getting creeped out now.

Stay tuned for my countdown to the scariest movies ever!!

Jennifer Nicole

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Horror Of It All

Remember when the lawyer gets eaten by the T-Rex on the toilet, after Jeff Goldblum says, "When you gotta go, you gotta go?" Or when "Bruce" eats the captain of the boat? Or when Johnny Depp gets sucked into the bed and then a geyser of blood explodes out of the bed? Or when Michael Myers (not to be confused with Mike Myers, the voice of Shrek) stalks Jamie Lee Curtis?  Or when Kirk is hit in the head by Leatherface and although it seems he is killed, his body shakes on the ground?  Or when you found out at the end of the movie that it wasn't Jason killing everyone, it was in fact his mother?  Or when Drew Barrymore is credited as one of the stars of Scream when really she is killed within the first ten minutes of the film?  Or when you hear "One, two, Freddy's coming for you," the hairs on the back of your neck stick up?

Well I would like to wipe those images from my brain as they haunt me every Halloween. I do not like horror movies.  They creep me out (as every horror movie director jumps for joy because that is the purpose of horror movies).  I can remember when I was maybe 13 or 14, I stayed the night at a friend's house.  We ended up watching Scream, during the day I might add, in her basement.  I have to admit that Scream is really not all that scary now that I look back.  It's actually comical.  But, at the time it totally freaked me out.  Not only did we watch the movie in her basement, my friend wanted to sleep in basement; the dark, cold, can't see if someone wearing that mask is there, basement.  I got scared.  I left my friend, went all the way upstairs to the second floor, and slept in her bed.  I was not going to sleep in a dark basement.  I still can't watch Scream today because the blood is quite gross and the fact that people do go around killing people kind of freaks me out.  If I watch the movie on TV, then I can just change the channel when I know someone is going to die.  That's usually what I do when I watch Jaws too.

I think that is why some of these horror movies are scary; they could actually happen.  Now I know dinosaurs aren't roaming the earth eating people off of toilets, and I know that Freddy isn't in my dreams wanting to kill me.  However, sharks have been known to eat people which is why I will never set foot in any ocean.  What's funny though is I love Shark Week on the discovery channel.  The documentary Planet Earth caught some really good footage of some sharks off of seal island.  Sharks are magnificent creatures, but I do not want to go near them.

I also know that people don't come back from the dead after drowning in a lake, but people do kill just for the thrill of it.  I went to Summer camp one year and a girl was almost kidnapped.  The rest of the week, we had to walk in groups of three or more.  It's pretty scary what people will do especially when kids are around.  My dad doesn't believe me, but in the original 1980 slasher Friday the 13th, Jason is not the killer.  It's his mother!  If you don't believe me, then watch the movie yourself.  Jason does not become the killer until Friday the 13th Part 2.  When Alice, in the first movie, is the lone survivor she hears a car rolling up and it's Mrs. Voorhees, Jason's mom, but she doesn't reveal it until she suddenly attacks Alice.  But when the boy Jason grabs Alice under the water at the end of the movie, I jump every time.

I am not always afraid of horror movies.  I remember sleeping over at my friend Ashley's house and our friend Jessica was there too.  We decided to watch House on Haunted Hill.  Sounds creepy, right?  Well it was, but I was too tired to notice.  There was blood, and killing, and some creepy dark shadow following people.  Well, the movie ended and we decided to keep the light on.  Jessica slept on the couch, while Ashley and I slept on the floor.  I kid you not, all of a sudden the lamp flickered and then turned off.  I heard a soft shriek from the couch and the voices of my friends saying, "No, you turn it back on."  I got up from the floor, walked over to the lamp, touched it lightly and then it came back on.  I then looked over to find my friend Jessica now on the floor with Ashley.  I remember saying, "You guys are a bunch of wussies."  Then I went back to bed.  That is the only time I wasn't scared of a horror movie.

I could talk forever about horror movies, so I am going to have to same some for other blogs.  Be sure to look for my list of the top 10 scariest movies.

Jennifer Nicole

Monday, October 18, 2010

Spiders, Bees and Plain Donuts.

OK, just because I do not like spiders and bees does not make me a pessimistic.  I do not like when bees fly around my head and land on my food. It is gross and they have stingers that sting you.  Now, I haven't actually been stung by a bee in a very long time (which is long ago according to my friend Andrew who called me a dinosaur on a count that I am old. hardy har har.) but that doesn't mean I want them all over me.  I also do not like spiders. They are hairy, and creepy and crawly.

I went to Miller's Big Red Apple Orchard Greenhouses and Cider Mill.  That is a very long name for a cider mill now that I read it. Wow. *Long pause as I think how the name could be shortened*

We carpooled to 32 Mile and Mound to a cute little town, Romeo, MI.  Well, Melissa and I thought it was cute. I'd live there.  It just dawned on me that we drove thirty minutes to pick apples when there is a Wal-Mart across the street from our church. Hmm....I guess it was the fun and experience we were looking for.  So we're at the cider mill, a family oriented cider mill, and the 9 of us twenty-somethings picked apples.  We got in line to pay for our $5 1/4lb bag, and the lady says, "You're gonna need a picker."  I replied, "I am the picker. I'll pick my own apples."  She says, "No, the apples are at the top of the trees, you're gonna need a picker. You won't be able to reach them."  I pointed to the tall guys in our group and said they would help.  She rudely replies with, "NO, you're gonna be a picker."  And she pulls out this long stick with a catching net at the end.  I was like...oooohhh. She could have just shown that to me in the first place.  We had to put down a $10 deposit, which we got back when we returned the picker.  Can I just say that even Connie, who is about 5 feet tall, picked her own apples without the picker.  It was a little ridiculous.

We got on the tracker, and rode to the apple trees.  I suppose since Halloween is just around the corner, the  farm had all these creepy (but i had to take a picture) things.
There was a "Death Row" stage

a random house that was locked and had a beat up electric organ on the porch
A fire truck and van that crashed I suppose.

A scene that looked like it came out of Harry Potter, but not really :)
Mike and Connie climbed a stack of branches.

Let's just say it was a fun Sunday afternoon.  We picked our apples.  We drank cider and ate donuts.  And to the request of my sister-in-law, here is the story behind the plain donut.  We waited in line inside the main barn where they serve all the food for donuts and cider, that were way over priced might I add, and when we walked outside this delicious aroma of different smells filled my nose and that was hard to do because I have a cold and I had to breathe through my mouth all day.  I don't recommend breathing through your mouth because then your mouth gets dry which makes you want more cider and then you have to pee the rest of the night.  Anyway, we found a table and just dove into conversations and laughs and all around good times!  I did buy my own donut, but my brother Mike bought a dozen.  Before I finished my donut, we were talking about spiders and that stupid bee was flying around me and landing on the jug of cider.  I stated, "I hate bees," and "I hate spiders," somewhere in between all the talking.  At this time I had finished my donut, which was cinnamon.  I asked Mike if I could have one of his.  He pulled out a plain donut to which I replied, "No, I want a cinnamon."  Andrew then said I was a pessimistic.  First I hate bees and spiders, and now plain donut.  For the record, I do not hate plain donuts.  I just wanted a cinnamon.

And you would think the farm could spell Raspberries correctly, but no.

Jennifer Nicole